Course Ratings (Round 1), and some initial impressions

I got in a few rounds with TGC 2019 last night, and also had a little time to port over my St Andrews Old Course Tourn. course. I created that course in TGC1 originally, so it is mostly spline-free and ported over fairly easily. Only some edits to some buildings were needed, and I touched up the Swilken Bridge to make it look a little more realistic. I will put together a full profile of the course in the Virtual Builds section in the near future (on that note, Raynor Farms Municipal in the Virtual Builds section has not been ported over yet, but hopefully will make it over).


My next port, which should also be relatively spline-free, will be Oakmont. Work on updating Magnolia National with correct elevations continues, although the course needs to be ported over to the designer to see how messed up it will be.


As far as game impressions go, I am finding the swing to be fairly easy at times, and frustratingly hard at other times. My current trend seems to be to go low early, and then struggle on the back nine. I will see this about tempo-based results in the swing, it certainly provides you with the tools to get in your head and start choking on your swing a little bit.


I am finding that my consistent slight-pull in TGC2 is nowhere as consistent in 2019, other than when putting, which has taken me awhile to get used to. Results have been very inconsistent otherwise. I frequently get swings with perfect-perfect tempo, and a slight pull in the swing path, and the ball goes right. My chips and pitches also seem to go in all directions and don’t correlate to the swing results at all. I may eventually turn the feedback off in the HUD, which I did in TGC2, and which helped my swing immensely in that game. I’ve also turned off the aiming reticule, as that seems like an unnecessary aid to play with in terms of realism.


I have some user-created courses coming up in my OG Design Series society on PC, so for now my first course ratings will be for the courses I’ve played in career mode. This rating process is a work in progress, and it should be noted that my ratings will always be unscientific, biased, and generally should not be taken too seriously. My only goal with the ratings is to provide some kind of roadmap for other users to find good courses to play. Lastly, I am just jotting these ideas down quickly after I play, so these should not be seen as anything more than quick reviews.


TPC Scottsdale – Rating: High 3/Low 4

Good planting and desert environment. Some sloppiness to splines and shapes (a bad trend I am seeing so far in the HB course). Lots of samey feeling par 4s, with not much tee strategy other than finding the middle of the fairway. Greens look docile but subtly eject approach shots into runoff areas. The 17th is still one of the better short par 4’s on tour.


TPC Southwind – Rating: Low 3

Bland everything. Bland suburban setting. Most holes are one shot holes (straight/center is always best), other than a few doglegs which are choked with trees. Greens are unexciting and small, with few interesting pins are strategy other than finding the middle of the green. Probably less than 4 noteworhty/interesting holes.

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