Oakmont Country Club

I started work on Oakmont in TGC1, in preparation for the 2016 US Open. I hadn’t entirely planned on building all of the US Open courses, but with Merion, Pinehurst, Chambers Bay, Oakmont, and Erin Hills all to my resume (sadly someone beat me to Shinnecock), that is where my portfolio has taken me. Most of the future US Open sites have already been built or claimed, so the next available one I might be looking at is The Country Club in 2022.


The reference material for Oakmont hinged largely on being able to explore the course freely in Rory McIlroy golf. I have to comment, that besides the incredibly shallow and un-Oakmont-like bunkers, the rendition of the course was excellent. This makes the demise of that game even more puzzling, since all that EA needed to do to make the game successful, in my opinion, was actually care about it.


My appreciation for this course has only continued to grow as I have ported it from TGC 1 to TGC 2, and now on to TGC 2019. I have received reports from many lucky golfers who have been able to play the course, and thankfully the course has held up pretty well to scrutiny. I have included some photos here from David Brown, aka Brownie, who became one of those lucky golfers recently, and who was gracious enough to provide some photos and comparison shots.


Hole 1


Hole 2



Hole 3


Hole 4


Hole 5


Hole 6



Hole 7


Hole 8


Hole 9


Hole 10


Hole 11



Hole 12



Hole 13



Hole 14


Hole 15


Hole 16


Hole 17


Hole 18

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