Course Ratings

These are quick course ratings, designed to help players sift through the mass of courses to find the best ones to play. These are just my quick thoughts that I jot down after a round, and my ratings are certain to be unscientific and biased in many ways.

If you would like me to try your course, feel free to let me know. The most I can guarantee, however, is a quick 3-hole playtest. If I like the playtest, I will schedule the course to complete a full round and receive a rating. If the course fails the playtest, I will not dishonor or disparage your work by posting the failed playtest here. There are a lot of courses to play and not a lot of time, so your work may not get a fair shake during my playtest, but I will always try my best to keep an open mind.



Name Designer Rating # Rounds
Holyoke Links Club Mattf27 Solid 5 3
Royal Ethalwind Arctic Fury High 4/Low 5 1
Briarcliff Hollow joegolferg High 4/Low 5 3
Steamshovel Golf Club Pete Kohelis High 4/Low 5 1
Olafsen Skerries Reebdoog High 4 1
TPC Boston HB High 4 1
West Country GC (Championship) joegolferg Solid 4 2
Caramel Creek tastegw Solid 4 1
TPC Sawgrass HB Solid 4 1
TPC at Sawgrass friendbomber Solid 4 1
Spyglass Hill, California Calavera999 Low 4/Solid 4 2
TPC Scottsdale HB High 3/Low 4 1
The Olmsted- South Course David Dix High 3/Low 4 1
The House on the Cliff Arctic Fury Low 4 1
Devon Quarry Eric Nesbit High 3 1
Attaturk GC at Cappadocia David Dix High 3 1
Cloudcrest Kevin Cotter High 3 1
The Heritage JoeGolferG High 3 1
The Club at Montecito SAM Solid 3 1
TPC Southwind HB Low 3 1
The Links at Lochlan Bay Ryan McConnell Low 3 1

Review Links

TPC Scottsdale

TPC Southwind

Olafsen Skerries

Spyglass Hill, California

Devon Quarry

TPC Boston

Attaturk GC at Cappadocia

The Olmsted – South Course

Royal Ethalwind

West Country GC (Championship)

The House on the Cliff

The Club at Montecito

Cloudcrest CC

Briarcliff Hollow

Caramel Creek

TPC Sawgrass

TPC at Sawgrass

The Links at Lochlan Bay

Holyoke Links Club

The Heritage

Steamshovel Golf Club


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